About Polestar

Polestar designs and manufactures bespoke precision-controlled fridges, freezers and incubators from design concept and prototype stage, through to full production and despatch. We are capable of building products that can reliably maintain any temperature between -50ºC and +85ºC.

We have over two decades of design and build experience, and have worked closely with exacting customers in multiple markets, including the medical, scientific, aviation, military, construction and petrochemical sectors. We provide these customers with a total solution to bespoke precision refrigeration.

Why Polestar?

We have a unique set of skills in design and development and production engineering, including foaming, sheet metal fabrication and electronics. We fabricate nearly all of our major components in our British factory, where we also have in-house testing facilities. From design, to prototype testing, to build stage, the entire process is overseen by the same expert team. This means that we can reach production stage quickly and smoothly.

We are accustomed to delivering on highly detailed specifications and meeting tight deadlines. We do this by taking time to understand what the customer wants at the outset and making small refinements throughout the process.

Looking back

Polestar was established by Phil Polack and Mick Steer in 2003. They both had backgrounds in refrigerator design, development and production and were passionate about building bespoke technical products for specific applications.

Polestar quickly built a reputation in the technical, commercial and medical refrigeration market designing and building bespoke refrigerators for clients from small companies, right up to multinationals.

One of our clients was a renewables company called Dulas. We worked with them on their innovative solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator which is used in health centres with little or no grid connection all over the globe.

The Polestar/Dulas partnership was so successful that Dulas invested in Polestar in 2015, and in 2020, acquired 100% of the business.

Looking forward

On the back of considerable success in the market, we undertook an expansion project in 2021, acquiring an additional production facility and significantly increasing our UK-based production capacity.

This sits alongside our new climate chamber which gives us the flexibility to experiment, develop and deliver bespoke products for our customers.

We are ready for any project.